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Types of Brick Fences

We have been fencing Frankston for years and we are dedicated to giving uncommon attention to the needs of your property. We ensure as our customers that the brick fences Frankston residents receive will meet the flights of your imagination. As creators of custom brick fences, rendered brick fences, and block fences, we give form to your design ideas, no matter how unique or challenging. 

Our commitment to you includes using only the highest quality materials available. Our team of Frankston fencing experts hand-select special grade bricks, bringing versatility, durability, and natural beauty to your project. Should your ideas demand to render of any sort, you need not look further.

Our brick fences all over Frankston offer our customers various types of styles to choose from for your property.  Our brick front fences are designed based on our client’s needs, you can go for brick piers with steel infill which presents an elegant look, or our custom rendered or bagged fence which presents a more modern look. In instances where a brick front fence is just required to section off the property, you may find the ability to see in and out of the fence a necessity. This also gives onlookers the ability to see whatever accessories and upgrades you may have done to your home and lawn. Frankston fencing specialists got several options to suit your needs!

There are two types of brick fences – the closed fences or solid brick and block fence, and open fences.

Solid Brick Fences

Closed brick fences provide a whole lot of privacy and can either be built as feature brickwork or rendered to create a stylish, solid entrance to your property. These private fence designs are simply total brick walls that have little or no gaps in them. Ideally, they are used to provide privacy to your property and are usually built quite tall. These walls also double as a sound buffer, protecting your property from the noisy streets or freeway. With a Frankston front brick fence, you can choose from multiple designs so your brick front fence is eye-catching and the versatility of bricks optimized.

Open Fence Design

The second type is the open fence design, this design accents the beauty of your private or commercial property. Ideally, these fences are usually made up of a shorter brick infill between piers so passersby can look through and over your fence and admire your yard and property. These brick front fences generally contain brick piers in addition to aluminum slats or steel or iron panels that connect them. Our team of bricklayers Frankston gives homeowners a variety of other unique designs to pick from and does not limit them to typical fence designs. Anywhere in Frankston, we are your trusted fencing specialists and we deliver on several types of open brick fence designs including

Brick and Aluminum Fences

This is a beautiful combination many homeowners choose, it easily combines the beauty of bricks with stylish aluminum slats designed to suit your desire. It takes advantage of the open look of an easy-to-travel through the aluminum fence and combines it with the strong and protective look of a brick wall. This is perfect for many of our clients as these aluminum and brick fence designs come in a wide variety and can be built unique to each home. It’s not suprise that this a type of fencing Frankston residents continue to go with. As Frankston brick fencing specialists, our expert bricklayers can incorporate all kinds of brickwork, feature, render, and different sized bricks into an aluminum and brick combination fence. We are the best Bricklayers Frankston has to offer, our stylish combination of aluminum and brick for your front fence provides a practical sense of security, as well as an added sense of flair and creativity. Brick piers and aluminium infill is a timeless look that doesn’t date. Whether you choose rendered piers and a matte finished aluminium to create a stylish contemporary look, or you throw back to a period design with feature brickwork and shaped infill, our team are sure to have the ideas and skills to put your front fence dreams into reality.

Rendered Fences

Rendered fences add charm and an extra touch of variety ordinary bare brick fences do not possess. The added style does not just add value to your property but easily makes it the best-looking fence on the street. With a wide variety of colors and tones to choose from, our Frankston Brick Front Fences experts can match the colors and shades of your landscape with the perfect rendering. Our rendered fences provide an extra touch of class as well as a smooth, modern finish. Why choose custom rendered fences? They combine the best quality brickwork and an expertly rendered finish adding an extra layer of protection to your brick front fence and also color matching your landscape in the process. Integrated under one roof are the combined skills and experience of our accomplished craftsmen. Together our team of expert bricklayers ensures the finest and smallest details are taken care of and your brick fence turns out astounding. With the best bricklayers in Frankston, you can be sure you get a quality front fence done right the first time. Call on us today! An amazing fence is just a phone call away.

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